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Contributor Parkca01
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Followed this handy guide to try to set up internet using my own router. 




However, my ONT is outside of my house. I have a COAX cable running inside, but not an ethernet cable. My home is brick and I’m not sure how I’d bring an ethernet connection in easily (re-drilling).


So I bought an Actiontec MoCa network adapter. I put the coax in and plugged the Ethernet cord directly from there to my router. I can locate the network, login as admin and everything, but I can’t get internet access. 


My WAN IP reads (LAN IP is populated)


I shouldn’t need a modem still right? I do not have a modem. 


Help, please. I am so frustrated. If there’s a link to a similar problem let me know. Everything I see is for issues with connecting to cable TV. Note I only have Verizon internet, we don’t have TV service. 


Who Me Too'd this topic