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Recently moved to a new apartment and signed up for Fios for the first time - I selected the 300/300 mbps internet only, but my technician installation appointment was canceled on me (twice...) so I ended up picking up the equipment and doing a self-install. I only then realized that my apartment is only wired for coaxial, which my 300/300 internet does not support. I assume the previous tenants were just using the 100/100 internet. I was able to get internet running by plugging my Gateway G1100 directly into my ONT in the basement via ethernet (used the short cable that Verizon provides, leaving router in the basement), and then using a WiFi range extender (Netgear EX2700) on the first floor. It works better than I expected for normal light use, but download speeds are still very slow (1-2 mbps), and may just be worse than the 100/100 for all I know.


I believe at this point there is no way to get my G1100 out of the basement without rewiring the house the have an ethernet port upstairs. Unfortunately my landlord isn't wild about rewiring, so I'm hoping to explore some other possibilities.


I've been looking into more "powerful" network extenders than the WPS range extender I'm currently using - something that plugs directly into my coaxial network. Thus far, I've looked at the Verizon Fios Network Extender WCB6200Q as well as the Actiontec 802.11ac. I'm leaning towards the WCB6200Q, as it does not seem to require a secondary MoCA adapter, and the setup would look something like:


ONT -> G1100 (in basement, connected via ethernet) -> prexisting coaxial cable -> Fios Network Extender


Due to the location of the coaxial outlet on the first floor, none of my devices upstairs would connect directly into the network extender via ethernet - everything would be over WiFi. I don't have a ton of devices - one PC, a Fire Stick, a Nintendo Switch, and a couple of smartphones. Has anyone tried something like this before with good results? 


Thanks for reading all of this, and I appreciate any ideas or insight!



Who Me Too'd this topic