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Fios Network Configuration



I could use some help understanding how all the Fios pieces fit together. Using Fios One STBs, G1100 router and the WCB6200Q FNE.


I'm trying to install a FNE so I can get an ethernet port in my home office and get a wireless signal closer to a Fios One mini box connected over wifi. The FNE coax LED is off but the other LEDs are on. I'm not sure if it is a wiring problem or something else.


The technician set up the G1100 and connected both ethernet and coax. My older fios system (different home) just had coax to the router. Are both connections actually being used as the coax wasn't connected until I added the Fios One boxes as I recall.


Is there any reason the main Fios One main box needs to be near the G1100? I'd like to switch the main box with a mini so I can use the surrond sound on a different TV.



Who Me Too'd this topic
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