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Fios Internet Only + Orbi RBK50 System


I've been struggling trying to get my brand new Netgear Orbi system to get an IP Address from the Fios ONT.


Since I'm not using anything but Fios Internet, I've taken the Quantum G1100 that was installed by the Verizon tech guy out of the equation.


I was on the phone with Verizon today, they reset my ONT.  I did a factory reset on the Orbi, plugged the ethernet cord into the yellow Internet port on the Orbi, but still have no internet connectivity through the Orbi.


I spent a couple hours on the phone with the Netgear support people yesterday, and they punted me to the Verizon people.


Most of the posts I've seen on this board related to my problem are at least a year old.


Has anyone recently (2019) got their Orbi to work with a Fios Internet only (ethernet cord directly from ONT to Orbi).  I suspect the answer is yes, as Verizon sells this Orbi unit.



Who Me Too'd this topic