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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-25-2018

High ping but speeds are running fine


For the last year or so we have been having some really bad ping issues when trying to do things on the net at certain times of the day. Now before anyone says its because the net isn't good for gaming and what not we have been gaming on this net for over 4 years. But to my question to see if anyone can answer this for me but when running a speed time depending on the time of day for example the ms would be 200-500ms 2mbps and .70mpbs. Even though we are running at a decent speed anything we get on lags so bad because of the high ms which they told me it is congestion on the line. Then about a week ago I have a tech tell me that they are in the process of upgrading my area but they are talking to the local township to make sure everything goes through and by the end of the week it should. Well that was last week but my question is there any way to stop the ms from going so high and keep it at 50-80ms as it was running before or is this the start of verizon shutting down copper lines in my area.

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