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I am at a complete loss at what to do and Verizon Support has yet to fix the problem. I have 2 VMS4100 boxes in my house (Master Bedroom and Living Room) on the Fios TV One system. The box in my master bedroom keeps rebooting during DVR recordings causing my recordings to stop and restart with about 15 minute breaks between each recording file (for every show that records between 8pm and 8am the next morning). It does not happen during the day though when I also have shows recording. The box in my living room doesn't have this problem at all. So we flipped the boxes and put the living room box in the master bedroom and low and behold the living room box which had no problems in the living room starts to do the same thing when plugged in in the master bedroom. This tells me that it is has something to do with the location of the box in my master bedroom.


Tech Support has been out to my house twice regarding this problem. The first time they replaced both boxes with brand new boxes since the ones we had were refurbished. He also checked the connection on all the lines and the signals were great. But of course that night the same thing happened again. So Tech Support came out again. This time they completely re-ran a new coaxial cable from the splitter to the master bedroom box and that night the same thing happened again. We have also replaced the splitter in case that was the problem and that didn't fix the problem either. I am at a complete loss as to what to do from here. We have had the box replaced 3 times, the signals checked on all the cables running to the box, replaced the coaxial cable that runs from the splitter to the master bedroom with a new cable, and replaced the splitter.


Verizon...what is the problem?!?! Can anyone help me?? We have been dealing with this and Verizon support for over a month now and I am getting so fed up!! I am paying for a service that I can only really use half the time!!

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