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Converted from copper to Fios almost a month ago, MyVerizon still shows old account number


On October 7 I had Fios installed to replace my old copper phone/DSL service.  I recieved an email saying I had a new account number, but everywhere on MyVerizon (except for my profile page, oddly) it still shows the old account number.


This seems to affect my billing as well, as it still showed I was enrolled in AutoPay as I had been, but then it never charged me on my normal date (despite saying that my bill was paid in full and I owed $0.00). 


After this I received an email with a new bill which showed a past due amount (which I assume was for my last bill under the copper service) along with a new amount (my first Fios bill?).


But I cannot check the details of this new bill on my account.  It shows an entry for it in my billing history, but when I click it to check the details it just says it cannot get that information right now.


I did manage to pay the last copper bill on October 29 by manually entering the amount.  My credit card was charged successfully, but this payment doesn't show in my payment history, so how do I really know I was credited for it?


It seems as if all the data I see is somehow related or tied to my old account number.  I just want to make sure I can pay my bills online and not be "past due" which I never have been until just now.


I have done two long online chats and one phone call with customer service and I seem to be unable to explain my problem successfully to get this resolved or to get a reasonable explanation of the situation, so I thought I would post here for help.


Thank you for reading long post!



Who Me Too'd this topic