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Registered: ‎11-10-2019

Internet only works with Verizon supplied ethernet cable from ONT to Router




I am trying to relocate my router, necessitating a longer ethernet cable than originally installed by Verizon. I purchased the same Cat5E  568b cable for the new line. When I connect the new ethernet cable from the ONT to my router WAN (both with the Verizon supplied and another router) I cannot get a data connection.


The issue appears to be the ethernet cable between my ONT and the router.


I cannot get a connection to the internet using any cable (tried about 5 of varying lengths at this point) other than the Verizon supplied cable. When I attach a new ethernet cable to the ONT and to the WAN slot on my router, the "DATA" light on my ONT will not illuminate, and there is no internet. When I swap back to the old cable, all issues disappear and everything works fine. The ethernet cable seems like the only variable.


I've compared the wiring between the new and old cables and both appear to be the same on all ends (OW / O / GW / B / BW / G/ BrW / Br) and the same AWG24. 


I am not a networking expert, but I am totally at a loss as to what the issue could be and I've not been able to locate any similar issues online or here. Any help/ideas would really be appreciated.



Who Me Too'd this topic
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