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@mpeeling wrote:

I asked for coax but according to the tech, it should work fine. Well, it doesn't.  Its interesting that any streaming service Roku etc.. works flawlessly but this device doesn't. What does that say?

It’s possible we other users might be able to help resolve this issue.  If you’d like to do that, please read and respond.  I will say I find the FiOS ONE boxes and TV service works well, both with wired and WiFi connected devices.  Many other people have no issues with the system.


The issue sounds like a problem with the WiFi signal at one box.  If you have a WiFi connected Roku or other streaming box and can move it to the same location, that will be a good test to determine if it’s a signal issue.


Another test is to switch the troublesome box from WiFi to wired.  You can connect it to Ethernet or Coax, whichever is easier.  Unplug the box, connect it to Ethernet or coax, then plug it back in and it will switch automatically.


You could also move the suspect box to another location where you know it gets good WiFi or can wire it up.  If it still doesn’t work well, you probably have a bad box and need to contact Verizon.  Try @VerizonSupport on Twitter or the VZ Direct forum at DSL Reports (https://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzdirect).  Either shoud get you better support then calling them.


Good Luck.

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