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The speed is not throttled, however the frequency coax supports is not dedicated to just MoCA, for example sending a video signal on the same cable, so it is not possible to go above the speed the supported frequency range allows. The same principle applies to cable services the typically have faster download then upload, they lower the available frequency range for upload to give it to download.
1. The Coax port on the ONT is both input and output. Coax is the original cable used for Ethernet cable until the STP/UTP Ethernet cables were invented.  It handles MoCA WAN/LAN and Video.
2. Any coax wiring and splitters connected to the coax port on the ONT are connected together forming a physical coax network. Your router is connected to the coax network because you more than likely have television services and the set top box(es) use the coax network (MoCA LAN) to communicate with the router to get information from connected services such as Guide, Video On Demand, and Widgets. (Test this by disconnecting the coax from the router then trying to access on demand, the set top box will say it has no data connectivity)
3. Your router has an Ethernet connection because your Internet speed is more than likely faster than 100 or your service was installed more recently. 
In older configurations Internet could come over coax or Ethernet, typically for people with speeds below 150, they are configured for MoCA Internet which only required coax wiring. In this setup, coax was used for Video, MoCA WAN (Internet), and MoCA LAN.
In your setup Ethernet is used for WAN (Internet) while coax is used for MoCA LAN and Video.
The setup of usage of a MoCA adapter is not supported by Verizon. If you experience issues while using the MoCA adapter, it is recommended you confirm the issue persists after removing the MoCA adapter(s) from your network.
The setup of MoCA adapters are usually covered by the manufacturer of the adapter itself.
One example is with Actiontec: 
The above link has an image representing the proper way to install the adapter in a pair.
Input from the router is an Ethernet connection from an available LAN Ethernet (typically yellow on Verizon routers) port on the back of the router to the Ethernet port on the MoCA adapter. Coax is used for communication between the two adaptors and the Ethernet port on the second pair is used to connect a device or switch which would get the gigabit speed.

Here is an example with the apir installed and working.



Who Me Too'd this solution