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Ping/Lag Spikes over wifi




I've been having trouble playing some online games or using applications that require real time data transfers whenever I'm on wifi. Usually applications run fine with low pings: 30ms - 60ms, until I get ping spikes: 300ms - 1500ms every 2 minutes or so. This is a regular occurrence, no matter the time of day though it's typically worse at peak hours. More details:


  • This only happens over wifi, never when I'm connected via Ethernet
  • This happens on all my devices, including smart phones
  • It happens on all kinds of applications: Online videogames (and not just one), skype, facetime, wifi calling
  • I've had Vz support come twice on this issue: They replaced both the router and ONT
  • Support has also claimed they fixed an issue in their CO
  • This issue persists even when the AP is in Line of Sight ~1 meter
  • Fios-G1100, 1Gbps subscription

I've used a ping tool on my gateway (wifi router) and I consistently see the ping spike using PsPing


PsPing v2.10 - PsPing - ping, latency, bandwidth measurement utility
Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Latency Count
1.32         2890
95.22        97
189.12        9
283.02      3
376.92       1


 My indoor RF buddy has told me that unlicensed AP radios have to stop all traffic to do a listen sweep every 2 minutes or so in order to comply with an FCC mandate. 


Is this what's happening here? It makes sense but I want to hear it from someone more familiar with Verizon's wifi hardware.


Ultimately, my question: is it possible to eliminate these ping spikes over wifi? Do I need to purchase my own AP? Please do not tell me to use a wired connection - I'd like to have the mobility wifi provides.



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