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Fios TV One not working with own router


Hello, so I recently kinda replaced my fios gateway router with a Unifi USG, I have a cable running from my switch to my old fios gateway router's lan port in order to get wifi to a fios tv one mini downstairs, then from another lan port that goes out of the gateway I have a cable running to a gocoax moca 2.5 adapter in order to get ethernet to the basement & to my other fios tv one & fios tv one minis. However for some reason my main fios tv one box isn't getting any internet and my other fios tv one minis arent working cause they cannot detect the fios tv one box.  The main fios tv one box is popping up in my Unifi panel but it isn't assigning a ip to it & I do not see the main fios tv one box on the gateway router when I go to my network. Any idea how to fix this?
(The fios gateway has dhcp disabled and is on a different ip address then the main router)

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