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Copper Contributor
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Cannot connect to Google or other Google products but can ping to the sites




I discovered this issue yesterday morning when I tried to search for something on Google and displayed "Can't connect" message. Gmail and other websites have been working fine except I tried restarting my router and it worked fine for a few moments. After that, worked fine but it was Google Photos that cannot connect to. I tried restarting my router one more time, this time was YouTube that was not working correctly (all of the video thumbnails were not shown). I tried to restart the router one last time, and it went back to not working.


I tried ping in the command line and it pinged successfully. However, I cannot connect to the site in the browser. Neither on Windows 10, nor on Mac, nor on iPhone (that's all the devices I own). I also tested on different browsers, the results were the same.


Can someone help me solve this issue, and why does it only affect Google-owned sites?




Who Me Too'd this topic