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Copper Contributor
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FiOS ONT & G3100 Networking Assistance w/ a MoCA Adapter and TiVos


House is 18 years old, long cable runs to rooms on 3 floors, cannot confirm if they are Cat 6. Used to be a DirecTV customer.

Here's how the ONT is connected to the G3100:

ONT in the basement receiving FiOS from the street.
G3100 on first floor far away from my STBs (TiVo Roamio Pro, Roamio Plus and 7 minis)
Ethernet WAN line from ONT to G3100 on first floor

Please critique this proposed set-up.

Basement coax from ONT to a POE filter and 2 port Verizon splitter (1675 MHz rated)

Split 1: TiVo MoCA 2.0 Adapter (black) with separate input output coax connections and one ethernet port. MoCA adapter coax "input" takes coax line from the splitter and connects to the G3100 via the adapter's coax output line to the G3100 Coax WAN/LAN port. MoCA adapter's ethernet line connected to one of the 4 LAN ethernet ports on the G3100 (yes it's a long separate ethernet cord).

Split 2: The using 1675 MHz-rated splitters to connect the rest of the coax cables that connect the all of my TiVos in my house to the coax output from the ONT

I used to use the Roamio Pro and Roamio Plus to be a MoCA "Bridge" to the TiVo minis with the TiVo minis being a Client.

Set up the TiVo Roamio Pro and Plus as a "Client" (and no longer a "Bridge") to the new MoCA network hopefully created by the MoCA 2.0 Adapter's connections to the G3100.

Any problems with the proposed set-up?

Finally, in a 3rd floor room far away from the G3100, use a TiVo MoCA bridge (white) (only one Coax input port) from the coax cable line to that room to connect a gaming device directly to the ethernet port on the Bridge that hopefully recognizes the new MoCA network created by the Adapter in my basement and provides a fast connection. I plan to use a splitter to connect the coax to the TiVo mini there.

Who Me Too'd this topic