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Registered: ‎02-04-2020

Connect FiOS TV One Mini Box wirelessly via 3rd party router?


I have FiOS TV One and I have one Mini box connected to my main box wirelessly.  Before this setup, I always had the wireless for the Quantum Gateway Router disabled in favor of a more powerful $400 Netgear router that is connected via Ethernet to the QGR.  My Netgear provides excellent signal throughout my house and into my yard.


It seems that the Mini cannot connect via my Netgear and instead has to connect to a wireless network controlled by the QGR directly despite my Netgear just acting as an access point for the QGR.  My Mini is constantly complaining about network signal and the QGR is now constantly competing for 5ghz channels with my Netgear which seems to be causing minor issues for all wireless devices (phones, Google homes, etc.).


So ... Why can't my Mini box connect to my home network via my Netgear which is connected by Ethernet to my QGR?  Why does the Mini need to connect to the QGR directly resulting in poor performance and competing networks?

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