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Re: Ask The Expert: Have a Question about the new Fios Home Router? The Expert is Here!


Hey Ace2019, you asked what make the Fios Home Router different from the others?


This actually also helps answer a couple of questions as well from inimart821, Zihna, and Filmguy.


Some of the biggest differences between the previous routers and the Fios Home Router is that the Fios Home Router has a couple new functions which help improve your experience when connected to wifi.


The Fios Home Router and the Fios Home Wifi Extender work hand in hand so that in the event you leave the range of the router it will actively try to hand off the connection to the extender. With the previous router and extenders, it relied on the self repairing network principle where in order to properly switch from the router to the extender, the device had to be actively trying to pick the best connection on it's own or the device would have to lose connection to the router and attempt to connect again where it could then connect to the extender. This issue with this approach is that in some installations where the router wasn't quite far enough away from the extender, sometimes devices would not switch to the extender which would result in a suboptimal experience. By actively telling the device to switch to the router or extender when most appropriate it ensure you are getting the best experience on supported devices.


Because the handoff capability is newer, as well as having new systems in place for the Fios TV One boxes, the Fios Network Extender is not compatible with the Fios Home router. If you get the new Fios Home Router and you have a Fios Network Extender, you will need to look into upgrading it to the Fios Home Network extender.


Another big thing is the support for Wifi 6 (Officially IEEE 802.11ax). This is the latest and greatest standard for wifi which gives improved speeds on supported devices.


That was a lot to go over.


For the speed reader here is a but if a breakdown:


  • The Fios Home Router uses some new functionalities in order to have better extender support and the Fios Network Extender is not compatible as a result
  • The Fios Home Router supports Wifi 6 for the fastest Wifi available on supporting devices




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