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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Do I need to ground my splitters?


I now have a 2-way splitter right next to my ONT. An RG6 coax cable comes out of my ONT to the splitter's input. One output of the splitter goes to my Quantum Router, the other output goes to another splitter in my attic.

My question is does the 2-way splitter need to be grounded? Does the splitter in my attic need to be grounded?


I read somewhere that since the ONT is grounded I don't need to ground COAX and/or splitters.  I also read that if I have more than one ground, it could cause 'ground loop' issues?


By the way, the 2-way splitter is outside and attached to my aluminum siding.

Any help would be appreciated.`

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