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Re: Fios TV One - TV flashes when first turned on and in standby mode


First , that is an ancient receiver. It does not support 4K passthrough, so if your Fios box is now set to output 4K you'll have problems. I assume you have the box going to the TV via HDMI,  then out of the receiver to the TV via hdmi. Try turning off the HDMI through feature and see if that stops the problem. Also make sure you have the latest firmware,  version.

Latest Firmware Number (16 digits): 1141-4104-0200-0000

There was an HDMI update a ways back for that receiver. Also try disabling the InstaPrevue feature. Also make sure HDMI Control(RIHD) set to off in the Onkyo hardware setup menu and Fios box output is set to 1080i.

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