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Using a combination of my own netgear nighthawk router, MOCA, and G1100 router


Currently I have the standalone Verizon Fios 300/300 internet service, but would like to hardwire more of the devices on my network, especially the ones on the second floor. Currently I receive internet from the ONT through ethernet and into my personal router, which is a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 I believe and located on the first floor. I noticed that I have coax ports in most of my rooms (unsure if they are all connected) so I was looking into using MOCA adapters available on amazon or the Fios network adapter. I was thinking that maybe if I buy the Fios Network adapter, connect it to ethernet from the router, and then connect the coaxial port of the FNA to the nearest coaxial line in the room that I will be able to have internet throughout all the coaxial lines in my house. Again this is dependent on whether all the coaxial lines are connected which I am assuming they are. If this setup works, I was thinking I could pull out my old g1100 router and connect it to a coax port on the second floor and have that router bridged to my main router so it basically acts as a wifi extender and ethernet hub. So basically this is the setup I have in mind:


First Floor

ONT->ethernet->Netgear Nighthawk->ethernet->FNA/MOCA->coax->coax port


Second Floor:

Coax Port->coax->Fios G1100->ethernet->any of my devices


Can anyone verify whether this would work? I'm unsure whether I can use the FNA like this or any other MOCA adapter. Also unsure if I would just need to have internet coming from the ONT in both ethernet and coax.

Who Me Too'd this topic