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Fios Network Adapter - no coax light




When I had Verizon installed last month, I asked the technician to use the ethernet cord so I could eventually switch to my own router.  They said they couldn't feed line through walls so they just used the existing coax cabling from the ONT to the rest of the house.  The tech said that, in order to use my own router with coax, I could get a Fios Network Adapter, connect that to the coax and then run ethernet to my router and other devices.


I got the Network Adapter in the mail today, unplugged the Verizon router, and then hooked up the Adapter to the coax, power, and my own router, following the installation instructions. The instructions are very basic, however, and say that once the power and coax lights are green, the installation is complete. The power light comes on but not the coax light. There is nothing in the instructions or in the Verizon website FAQs on how to troubleshoot this.  I tried calling Verizon but with high call volumes they said it would be an hour wait.


I hope someone can help me. I hope I didn't waste money on this thing that won't work.



Who Me Too'd this topic