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Fios TV One losing connection to Yamaha AV Receiver


Hello, I recently upgraded to the Fios One receiver and it seems it's not connecting properly to my Yamaha AV Receiver. When I turn on my TV and Fios, it says there is no connection detected. However, once I unplug and replug the HDMI from the output in my AV Receiver, Fios kicks on and everything works. I originally thought it was a bad HDMI cable, but I replaced it and the same issue occurred. I replaced the Yamaha receiver and still had the same issue. My PS4 is also connected through the Yamaha Receiver and doesn't have the same issue and when I connect the Fios receiver directly to my tv, there is also no issue (but also no surround sound), so there is clearly just a bad connection between the Fios One receiver and the Yamaha receiver. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so, can you provide any potential solutions?

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