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Registered: ‎02-15-2020

Unable to cancel service


I have been trying to cancel my internet service for 2 weeks.  The first time I called I was asked for my mandatory PIN.  When I gave the pin I had used to cancel my TV service, the representative said that was not the right PIN.  After berating me for having a mandatory PIN (which I never set up in the first place), she said she would have to mail me a new PIN and hung up.  I never received the new PIN after 2 weeks.  I called again yesterday and the agent informed me I could set up a new PIN on my online account.  When we went to do this, we saw that our account did NOT require a mandatory PIN but we changed it nonetheless.  The agent also said they were there on Saturday.  When I called this morning, Saturday, the message said that they are only there Monday-Friday.  There is no way to cancel service online and this has been a nightmare.  Verizon used to have decent service.  After this experience, I would never consider using them again.  

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