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Registered: ‎02-21-2020

PSA: Erroneous Collections from Verizon, Tanked Credit Scores!


Hello forum, 


I just wanted to highlight an issue that seems to be plaguing others just like me. I hope by posting this, I will get some more information on how to correct this and also warn others who ever decide to use a verizon product. 


2018 - Some sales rep shows up at my house to try and get my family to sign up for Verizon Fios. We were happy to give the trial a try because we use verizon for everything else. After 3 days of struggles, the service never worked. So we canceled the trial and Verizon support said they'd mail a box for us to ship the router back to them.  This box never came. I called verizon multiple times to have them mail this box and make sure our service was canceled (since we were never able to use it.) Still nothing. I work in a hospital and have absolutely no time to drive to their office and drop off the package but I will if necessary.


2 months later - Boom.  I get a call from collections requesting i pay $700 for the Fios service. I was completely flabbergasted. I called Verizon multiple times to fix this and ultimately I drove to their office to drop of the stupid router and be done with all of this. They then reduced the charge to $100 for some reason which I happily paid to just be done with their nonsense. 


A year later, I notice something amiss on my credit. My credit score had plummeted. by nearly 200 points. Apparently, collections had been holding my acocunt hostage for months while I was sorting all of this out with Verizon. All of this garbage due to a service I never even used. 


I've called Verizon and spoken to countless irritable support staff for hours on end. I've filed a dispute to no avail. Does anyone at all have the number for Verizon's collections office. This is such a devasting problem for my family and I and I am doing everything I can to recover from this totally erroneous charge and fix my credit score. 


I am baffled and truly do fear for how many people are vulnerable to this sheer amount of bullying from verizon for absolutely no reason and I hope to dear God that there is a way to combat this and protect others. I for one am likely to discontinue using any other Verizon services.  









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