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Copper Contributor
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Replacement G1100 Router - Ethernet ports still don’t work correctly



With my original G1100, everything was great until around November 2019, when Netflix streaming from my Ethernet-connected FireTV stick would drop. After a few minutes, the connection would come back. This problem continued sporadically until it became a daily occurrence. Verizon replaced the G1100 thinking it had bad Ethernet ports, since the connection light was flashing, but no data was being sent.


I received the new G1100 this past week and installed it. Unfortunately my Ethernet problem still exists. WiFi works great, but there’s no data being sent over Ethernet even though the connector lights flash green like it's sending and receiving data. I also have my Windows 10 PC to the G1100, but the connection drops there too.


It’s hard for me to believe that two G1100’s would have problems with their Ethernet ports, so I’m wondering if a firmware change caused my problem. Or possibly a new setting needs to be changed.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 


FiOS G1100
Firmware -

Hardware Version - 1.04

Who Me Too'd this topic
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