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TV One 4k wifi 6 mesh network


I have a 2300 sq ft home on 3 split levels. I have 1 television and no computer...I use my phone for web browsing. My service includes gigabit Ethernet and I use ondemand to watch 4k movies and live sports (superbowl).


My TV and router and cable box obviously are all together and they are on the ground floor in the southeast corner of the house while my bedrooms are 2 floors up in the northwest corner of the house. 1 bedroom floats in and out between poor service and no service.


I could be wrong but it's my understanding the TV One box is required for 4k content which is my primary objective. Would the new Verizon wifi 6 router (or any wifi 6 router) provide a sufficient increase in coverage (and speed) in my bedrooms or would it be worth the $700 to get the Orbi 6 just to say I am taking full advantage of my gigabit at every point in the house? 


Full disclosure my Quantum Gateway is inside a tv cabinet that uses IR repeaters to provide a clean no-show look and gives me about 54 mb/s on speed test from 8 feet away in the same room so almost anything will probably give me better speed. I'm more concerned about coverage.


Who Me Too'd this topic