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Why is the FIOS Ethernet Wall Jack Wired Different?


Currently I have FIOS Internet only (No TV) and the only cable from the ONT is a Cat6 Ethernet going to a wall jack in my living room. The RJ-45 plug going into the ONT Ethernet port is the Standard T568B wiring for Pins 1-8. However, I noticed years ago they wired the Ethernet wall jack push-pins 1-8 in a cross-over pattern as seen below:



When I upgraded in Aug 2019 an Install Tech came to replace my ONT to support Gigabit Internet. I bought the G1100 Quantum Gateway router instead of renting since it was on sale. Before we hooked up the G1100 I asked the Tech if he needed to change the Ethernet wall jack wiring since it was setup as a cross-over for the old Actiontec router. He said he had never heard of this and the G1100 would automatically handle Standard T568B pass-thru all the way to its WAN port. But we decided to leave it alone and connect the G1100 which did get Internet after the Firmware upgrades finished.


In an effort to simplify my network cabling (and eventually remove/replace the G1100 with my own Asus RT-AC86U) I replaced the push-pin wall jack with a Cat6 pass-thru coupler that uses RJ-45 on both sides. Now I had a T568B pass-thru to the G1100 WAN port. However, when I powered it up then Internet never worked. I tried multiple re-boots on the router and even re-booted the ONT. After 3 hours the only thing I didn’t try was a factory reset on the G1100 as I did Not want to re-configure my settings. I had to replace the new wall jack with the old push-pin and wire the cross-over again to get the Internet working.


I know this will work as T568B pass-thru from ONT all the way to router WAN because I did this at my Sister’s house when I upgraded her FIOS to Gigabit Internet only (No TV). She was renting the G1100 and wanted to get rid of it. Before the upgrade I did a DHCP Release on the WAN, powered down, & disconnected the G1100. Then I ran a new Cat6 Ethernet cable from the ONT outside her house to a wall port in her Office. In the wall port I used a Cat6 pass-thru coupler. Now all RJ-45 ends from the ONT to her Asus RT-AC86U WAN port are wired as T568B. Within 2 minutes of booting the Asus router all of its lights were good and she had Internet. I went to the FIOS speed test, from an Ethernet connect PC, and verified she was getting in the 800+ to 900+ Mb/s range Down & Up.


I would really appreciate if some Expert or Install Tech can explain why the T568B pass-thru wiring to the G1100 won’t work. Is there a setting that needs to be changed on the ONT, the Router, or is there another way to fix this?



Who Me Too'd this topic
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