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Registered: ‎03-09-2020

Black Friday 2019 Promotion - Never Fulfilled


Last year during Black Friday weekend, I signed up for internet service according to the requirements of a promotion at the time. With the choice of Samsung headphones or a $100 Visa gift card, I chose the headphones. When I picked up my router in the local store, I was surprised the promotion wasn’t fulfilled there. I asked for a phone number in case I did not receive a redemption email after 30 days. Between mid-January and early February, I started to try to reach Verizon since I had not received an email. I first called the phone number provided to me, but they directed me to talk with a customer service representative. I then tried chatting online through MyVerizon, but no representatives responded to my inquiries. I came here, to the forums, and found a lot of other customers facing the same problem over the course of several years - promotions not being fulfilled. I could not find any help for my situation though, because the discussions usually ended with the indication of a private message from a moderator. I finally submitted to calling customer service and remaining on hold for an hour and a half waiting for a representative. When I was connected, the representative took the time to review my profile, but concluded that the promotion was not listed on my account. I explained that I could verify that I signed up during the promotional period. Because of my persistence, the representative told me my issue would be investigated by management. She asked that I wait to be contacted by Verizon. A month and a half has passed, but there has been no resolution. It has been very difficult and tiring to contact Verizon customer service. I was hoping anyone who has faced this problem and found a solution could share it here. 

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