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SSL Error with H & R Block Tax software -- Port being blocked?


I'm getting this error when I try to download my state program in the H & R Block tax software:
"System message: SSL Error: bad server certificate of incorrect PC date"


I've done every thing that their tech support has said to do:

1) Check that date and time are correct (it was).

2) Temporarily shut off all firewalls and security software (I did)

3) Check the proxy on the Tools menu (it was already set to No Proxy)

4) Reinstall the software (no change)

5) Reboot with minimum number of programs started (still no change).


They now tell me "the problem is with your ISP".  

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Is there a port that Verizon has to unblock for me?  I posted here because I was in Chat and it said Technical Support for other than cookie cutter problems is not available until Thursday.

Who Me Too'd this topic