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Changing Coax to Ethernet for New Router


I'm a total novice on these matters, so I could use some advice, hopefully in plain English.


I have an older FIOS ONT hooked up to a Verizon provided ActionTec Router via coax cable.   I have the FIOS triple play but don't use the TV service (never even rented the TV box); only internet and phone "landline."


My service is supposed to be 100bps up and down, but the signal is weak and slow (don't need much speed, even to stream Netflix).


I'd like to replace/upgrade the router at a modest cost but these days all routers receive signals via ethernet.   I rather not incur the cost of having Verizon come in and replace the cox with an ethernet cable (not capable of doing it myself since the configuring seems above my pay grade).  


Can I remove the ActionTec and install a device (will a MOCA do this) to interface/convert coax to internet so that I can install the router of my choice?


Alternatively, can I leave the ActionTec in place and run an ethernet cable from the ActionTec to a new router?  Do I have to disable the ActionTec in some fashion so that it becomes merely a dumb interface to the new router?  If so, how do I go about doing this?


Tks all

Steve G.

Who Me Too'd this topic