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Re: Changing Coax to Ethernet for New Router


Here's what it takes to switch from coax to Ethernet


  • Run an Ethernet cable from the ONT to the router's location.  Depending on where the devices are, this could be as easy as getting a cable and plugging it in or could involve fishing cable through walls and floors.
  • Contact Verizon and ask them to change from coax WAN to Ethernet WAN.  Use chat or twitter support for best results.  Takes about five minutes.
  • If not changing routers, unplug the coax then plug in the Ethernet.  A router reboot might be needed.
  • If changing routers, remove the old router.  Install the new router using Ethernet.

Note that if you use a non-Verizon router as primary, they will not provide any support past the ONT.  Typically not a problem as FiOS is very reliable.  But you should know this.




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Who Me Too'd this solution