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Brand-new G3100 crashing and restarting constantly


Friday I got a new G3100 to replace my old router. Saturday morning I plugged it in and everything was fine for about 15 minutes, then it rebooted. It kept rebooting several times over the next couple of hours until my family made me put the old router back. I tried running it both with its default wifi settings and with my old SSID and security passwords., with the same result. I don't see any degradation in performance before it goes; it's fine and then the light starts blinking and there's no network.


In the logs I see this when it comes back up:

2020 Mar 28 10:43:17 info sysup:[SYS.6][SYS] system startup
2020 Mar 28 10:43:17 info sysup:[SYS.6][SYS] Reboot by Power Cycle/Software Fault induced

There's nothing that looks like an error right before it goes, just some text about associating and de-associating MAC addresses.


Today I've been experimenting with it off the coax, just with one wifi device and later with a PC plugged into a LAN jack. It kept running a little longer, but still eventually rebooted itself. For some wacky reason it does not keep logs when not plugged into coax, so I'm not able to see what it's saying, but I did see that the uptime clock reset itself a couple of times.


To answer some questions I've seen in response to similar inquiries: I have two (non-quantum) set-top boxes on the coax network and they're running fine. At full load there are 3 wired and maybe 15 wifi devices on the network, though no more than 5 of wifi devices might be active at once.


Do I maybe just have a bad G3100? Is there anything else I can try? I'm going to call Verizon Monday morning, but I'd like to have as much info as possible when I do.

Who Me Too'd this topic
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