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disney plus offer


I have spent four months or more trying and waiting to get access to the free Disney plus that I was promised when I became a new customer. Every customer service agent I spoke to gave me a different excuse as to why it wasn't working and why I did't have the redeem code. Disney has said over and over I"m qualified and Verizon just needs to get their act together. Today was the ultimate... I was basically accused of being dishonest by a supervisor who said I had used a redemption code three times and then cancelled the subscription. I've never once received a code. I've signed up for the subscription on my own account - told to do that by one of the first agents I spoke to in November. Unbelievable. Worst customer service I've ever dealt with. I've been patient and nice and continued to do everything they asked... only today to be told they won't do anything to help me. It's not the $6.95... it's the principle of the matter that I was promised the subscription and now I'm accused of being dishonest. Unbelievable. 

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