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Re: High Speed Internet is available at my address, it it possible to get FiOS?


FiOS requires the installation of physical infrastructure in your area. Fiber lines, instead of Copper Telephone lines (what DSL runs over). Unless you know of any neighbors having FiOS, it may not actually be available for you to order, and no upgrade program Verizon could offer over the phone will get you FiOS. One program that is happening in many areas with FiOS is a copper retirement program, where Verizon is decommissioning copper, as it is getting expensive to maintain and not competing well compared to other services. As they decommission the copper, they lay down Fiber which can be used for FiOS and 5G services.


Check here, on a state by state basis, for any copper retirement notices for your area. They typically list the retirements by the city your central office is in:


One note, once FiOS is available, Verizon will stop selling DSL services. Their website will explicitly show FiOS when you check for service availability.

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