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How to upgrade from COAX to Ethernet with Alcatel I-211M-H?




I have hunkered down with my girlfriend at her parent's home to get out of the city during the global pandemic. Her parents have fios, but it's 25/25 service, which is not fast enough for the work my girlfriend and I need to do (we both are simultaneously livestreaming now for our respective jobs). We want to upgrade the service to something around 400, but Verizon said they need to send out a technician to do this. They are currently running internet over COAX, and I realize that we need to switch over to Ethernet, but frankly I do not need a technician to run ethernet through the house to the current router location, I brought an extra modem and router with me and can set it up directly at the ONT if that will work. 


It seems like this is something I should be able to do myself, but I have been unable to find a manual for the ONT that they have in the home. The ONT that we have here is the Alcatel I-211M-H, does anyone have a manual for this model? 


I've included pictures of the setup below. They currently have Fios for internet/TV/phone. The cable boxes are hooked up via coax as well. 


Open questions that I have: 


  • Are line 1 and line 2 actually doing anything? If so, what are they doing? 
  • What does the DATA / MODE / LINK port do? 
  • Can I plug a wifi router directly into one of these ports?


Happy to provide more photos as needed. If anyone has the same model running with high speed fios, if you could send me pictures of the inside of your box that would be amazing. 




Who Me Too'd this topic