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Re: SSL Error with H & R Block Tax software -- Port being blocked?


Fix your Verizon - H&R Block SSL error problem


1.  Open your MyFios App on your cell phone.

2. Scroll down and select "Internet" 

3. When the page opens, scroll down and select "Home Network Protection"

4. On the Home Network Protection page, scroll down to the Status setting (The default setting for status is "ON".  Change the Status to "OFF" 

 5. Close the MyFios App

 6. Go back to your H&R Block tax program. 


You should now be able to download your state return program or e-file your return(s) without getting the SSL error message.


Once your finished with H&R Block, go back to your MyFios App and reset your "Home Protection Status"  back to the "Yes" default setting. 

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Who Me Too'd this solution