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Router Help - Mesh system?


Hi folks!


So I have the Fios triple play with gigabit connection (though I do not use the home phone). I am sing a Quantum Gateway from November 2017 when I moved in.


I switched my boxes to Fios One recently and have been experiencing some buffering on the one box that is running over Wifi, and overall slower internet speeds (laptop getting 65 download / 64 upload speeds when next to router). I do have about 22 devices hooked up to the same router between streaming devices, Alexas, video games, cell phones, laptops and smart TVs. I called VZ for support and they basically said my system is older and cannot manage that many devices, and to buy their newer router to help. 


So, am looking at what my options are. My router is on my main floor, and I have issues upstairs and in basement (about 3000 sqft home).  I know I could get my own router, but feel like setting that up with having TV could be a hassle. Does anyone know if doing a mesh network would be good for this case? Would something like an eero system as a bridge work where I put one on each floor to help recast the signal or is there something else you recommend? Just trying to get better coverage and stronger wifi throughout the home where I cannot hardwire in.



Who Me Too'd this topic