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Impossible to find free movies on Fios website


I used to be able to quickly breeze through the free movie content on Fios using my set top box, but that has become impossible since the interface changed a few months back, so I tried to see if the website has a better browsing interface.  There is indeed a page for browsing movies, but there is no way to narrow the content down to only free movies.  I did find a completely ridiculous filter labelled "Hide content that is part of your subscription" which hides all of the free content.  Does Verizon not understand how absurd this is?  There is an option to make all of the free content disappear, but not an option to remove the pay content.  The Android app does offer a filter to display only content that I have already subscribed to, but I have found that it is just too difficult to use such a tiny screen, especially when 90% of the content is filler yoga videos.  I feel like Verizon is taking advantage of its customers by making this search interface worse than it used to be.



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