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Bridge MoCA connected internet only Model G3100 setup to Nest WiFi



I found a bunch of post on the forums but they were all about 

I just ordered FiOS Gigabit service that's internet only.

I don't have existing Ethernet wired in my home and am willing to pull Ethernet to the outside ONT but I'd like to avoid the hassle of that.

The G3100 is included in my plan so I'd like to know if I can use the G3100 in bridge mode and turn off the WiFi and how I'd set that up on the G3100 so I can use my existing router. When I search the forums it seems like everyone is asking about voice and TV setup and I'm internet only. I'd think that it should be possible but would anyone be able to tell me how I can do this? If I can't, I'll pull Ethernet but really don't want to do that.

Thanks in advance,


Who Me Too'd this topic