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Re: STB keeps on FREEZING


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I have tried EVERYTHING, including Verizon sending me new main box and mini STB. I replaced both but after a couple of days the mini STB started freezing again, The ONLY thing that helps is restarting the whole system but I can't do that every day and if I do, I think I am over paying... we pay what we pay for at least a decent service.

I called verizon several times, the techs helped, yes... but at the end their only solution is for me to may extra money for a new router? I mean, it is not the router and it is not the wifi signal, if that was the case, I wouldn't be able to watch netflix on the TV that has the STB, right?

This is beyond frustrating. It has been months.    

If the mini is hooked up wireless, that is the issue. There are problems with the wireless aspect of the mini and a good number of people are having issues. The way around it is to get a WiFi extender that has an ethernet port. You hook the mini to the extender with an ethernet cable, then use the extender to get on the wireless network. Unfortunately I've seen a LOT of issues with using the mini wireless, even with the router sitting directly on top of the mini.

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