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Copper Contributor
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Upgrading Speed (Coax vs Ethernet) & Router Recommendations


I apologize as this may be duplicative of past posts but I can't find any one answer that meets all of the factors I've got going on. 


I have an ONT on the outside of my home and coax running through the home to the router and three STBs.  I'm paying for 75/75 but with this old red and black Actiontec router I get 15/15-ish at night when everybody else is asleep in the house and I'm standing right next to the router.   


I'd like to upgrade to 200/200 because... um, I'm paying the same price and that doesn't make sense.  And I'd like to not have to rent a router from Verizon. 

  1. Is my speed limited if I'm still using coax instead of ethernet?
  2. Is there a coax-to-ethernet adapter I can use inside the home between the wall and the router?
  3. What router is recommended? I don't need a bunch of ethernet plugs, we're almost exclusively running off of wifi.  
  4. CSR said that he can send me a new router, but can't upgrade my service to 200/200 until a technician can come out to run ethernet to the router (for $150).  Is this true?

We currently have 3 STB but my plan is to cut out TV once we get the internet in working order.  But I want to be assured that the internet is up and running with good speed and good wifi service.


Any advice is welcome.  Thanks. 

Who Me Too'd this topic