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Re: FIOS voice remotes pairing to wrong boxes


@JCruthers wrote:

Thank you for the reply. When you say, "turn off" do you mean unplug? The boxes all react whether they're on or not..


is there any way I can just get the other boxes? I've already purchased 3 of the older remotes and nothing works. 

I was assuming you had the new Fios One boxes and yes, you'll have to unplug them as they never really turn off. If you have the older 1100 series boxes, you use codes to program them. The new remotes use Bluetooth to communicate with the boxes, which is why you need to pair them one at a time. The new boxes also can be controlled with an IR remote, so if you have more than one box in a room with line of sight, you'll affect more than 1 box at a time.

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