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Copper Contributor
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Wish to get ONT ethernet activated for gigabit internet


I recently stopped my Fios TV service and now have stand alone internet at 100/100. I would like to upgrade to gigabit speed but have been told that a tech visit is necessary. From what I've read in this forum, I'm not entirely sure that that is true.  I have an old ONT, Alcatel I-211M-H, manufactured in Oct. 2010. From dslreports, I see this:

I-211M-HSFUInterior1: MoCA1: 10/100/1G Ethernet


so it should support gigabit. I have a MOCA coax connection to my Verizon gateway, and I've already run a cat 7 ethernet cable from the ONT to my router.


Are these next steps correct and doable:

  1. contact Verizon to enable the ONT ethernet port;
  2. release the DHCP lease on the gateway and plug in my router;
  3. contact Verizon again to upgrade to gigabit?

When I was canceling my TV and phone, the initial layer of customer service told me that I needed a tech home visit to cancel and go to stand-alone internet. I was able to get to a higher level agent who helped me. Thanks for any and all input.

Who Me Too'd this topic