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Actiontec WCB3000N Not Working




I purchased an Actiontec WCB3000N. I have Fios Quantuma Gateway router.  I connected the WCB3000N  to a verizin fios cable I have on my basement, which was installed 5 years ago and I have never used. Then I plug in the power adapter. The WCB3000N turns on, but the Coax light does not turn green.  It casts a wifi network, but when I connect to it, it has no internet. 


What could  be the issue? I took a look at the Router status on the router's management page, and under Coax status it says cable disconnected.  What does this mean - is this something Verizon needs to turn on for my router? Or does this mean that there are no coaxial cables connected to the ONT? Have been trying to contact Verizon support all day and have reached no one :-(.


Thank you very much  for your help. 

Who Me Too'd this topic