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Copper Contributor
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Wifi errors and network extenders


I have the G1100 router. I recently replaced two WCB3000N extenders with two WCB6200Q extenders and at the same time, I enabled SON (self-organizing network). The router and extenders are each on different floors of the house.


I'm losing wifi connectivity on mobile devices when I move from one floor to the other. When connectivity drops (most noticeable when I'm playing a video/music and then move between floors), and I look at the Wifi settings on the mobile device, under my network's name, where it should show "Connected", I usually see one of two errors:

1. internet may not be available

2. authentication error occurred


If I wait a long time, it will usually resolve itself, but it's quicker for me to turn off wifi, turn it back on, and then the device connects to the network just fine (presumably to the network device on the floor that I moved to).


Any suggestions on how to get more seamless handoffs as I move around the house? Should I disable SON?

Who Me Too'd this topic