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FIOS installation for small condo building




I live in a small condo building with 8 units and a few of us want to get FIOS and the board is generally up for it. I have a couple of questions:

1) The building is not yet wired for FIOS but the neighborhood is and the cables in our area (NYC) run underground. How would getting FIOS to the building work? In particular, I wonder if they have to dig through the sidewalk in front of the building and if they'll be getting explicit permission for that from the board and how that process works - i.e. do they first come to evaluate and come up with a plan and then send it to the board for approval or do they just come and dig as they please.


2) The building has been pre-wired internally with coaxial and CAT cables (not sure if it's 5/5e/6, need to check) from the basement to all units. Is it possible to install FIOS and utilize those cables? If so what equipment would go where and does that limit what services we can get? I don't think it's possible to run additional cables internally and I don't know if the building would approve running them externally if they are visible.



Who Me Too'd this topic
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