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Apple Airport Express instead of Fios Modem?


Hello friends.  Can I used an Apple Airport Express 2nd Generation with Fios instead renting the Fios wireless router?  


I am new to Fios and am getting TV + Internet installed soon.  Fios will set me up with the main box (ONT, I assume) and I will be renting a Fios wireless modem for internet. 

I currently have Spectrum cable/internet use an Apple Airport Express 2nd Generation for my wireless internet.  The Airport connects to my Spectrum box with an Ethernet cable.  

Can I do the same set up with Fios?  That is, can I just opt out of the Fios router rental and use my Airport Express to generate my wireless internet signal? 

If yes, what are the pros/cons?


(I’ve reviewed similar questions here but some were very old)



Who Me Too'd this topic
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