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Re: Apple Airport Express instead of Fios Modem?


Repeat after me:

FiOS does not use modems.

FiOS does not use modems.

FiOS does not use modems.


The ONT in FiOS is similar to a modem in a cable setup, but it is not a modem.


The router in FiOS is just that, a router.  It does have some extra features used by FiOS, including MoCA (coax) LAN and WAN, built in network settings/controls for Verizon set-top-boxes, and an encrypted control channel to their infrastructure used to enable stuff like app control of router settings and support.


You can use a non-Verizon router as primary with FiOS, however this has two significant issues:

  • Verizon provides zero support past the ONT.
  • Verizon set-top-boxes work best with a Verizon router, especially the latest FiOS ONE boxes.

If you enjoy building and maintaining networks, then I say go for it!  If  you want a solution that "just works" and is supported by Verizon, stick with a Verizon router.

Note that if you were getting internet only, it's much easier to use a non-Verizon router since you don't need to support the set-top-boxes.


Here's a good place to explore options:


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