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G3100 DNS Rebind Protection and dnsmasq issues


I upgraded to a G3100 router on June 10 and since that day the software I use to sync my phone and Windows computer – AkrutoSync – hasn’t worked. I get the following errors in the router’s system log:


2020 Jun 22 08:14:33     dnsmasq             warning              [SYS.4][SYS] possible DNS-rebind attack detected: servername


(where servername is the name of the server at AkrutoSync that handles the request)


I’ve reached out to AkrutoSync for help on this and they’ve asked me to find the “DNS Rebind Protection” settings on the router, but I’m unable to locate any such settings. I searched the router’s manual for that and also for ‘dnsmasq’ but came up empty.


Here’s how I think the AkrutoSync software works: On my phone, when it syncs, it reaches out to the AkrutoSync server to find the local IP address for my desktop PC where the syncing software is running. It appears this request is getting blocked, preventing the phone from finding the computer and thus making it unable to sync.


Any suggestions on how to get this to work? Thanks!

Who Me Too'd this topic