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Mesh Routers and FIOS Television?


I have been reading various blogs to try to educate myself about mesh routers. I use a Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway router/modem for my Internet and television. In reading these postings, my understanding is that in order to use a mesh router (e.g., Eero), I would have to connect it to the Verizon gateway router and bridge them. However, if I bridge the FiOS router, I would lose some of the television features such as the channel lineup and On Demand programs


I have been told by one Verizon technician that I would lose those features, but another Verizon technician told me that that was not the case. Which is accurate?! Importantly, would I lose television features with all mesh routers or only certain brands or models?


Also, it seems that the various operations that are necessary to link the Verizon router to the mesh router system are complicated. Verizon does not offer technical assistance for equipment that they don't sell.


Posts on this website seem to be very technical, detailed. I'd appreciate any responses being geared toward a novice. Thanks!

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