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Re: G3100 DNS Rebind Protection and dnsmasq issues


1. Yes, I have FIOS TV
2. I have my old FIOS G1100 router (unplugged, not in use)
3. I have another computer, but it’s in a location in the house where I can’t wire it up

Although I’m still interested in whether the G3100 has settings related to “DNS Rebind Protection” (for my own understanding), I was able to solve the specific problem I was having as follows:


  • I changed the sync settings on my phone. Previously, it was set to call out to the AkrutoSync server to find the IP address of my PC. I changed the name of the server to instead use the local network name of my desktop and the router seems to have the IP available by that name (it’s shown in the DNS Server settings page in the router admin). So, instead of calling out to AkrutoSync, my phone asks for my local desktop (e.g., ‘OfficeDell’), gets the IP addr from the router, and then syncs up super-fast with my PC


So, at least for now I don’t need to try a more complicated setup with an extra computer involved (but thanks for considering that solution!).

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Who Me Too'd this solution